GO OUEST 2020 brings a cutting-edge snapshot of the Breton scene, featuring newly-emerged artists from the past few months. It’s collective proof that Brittany’s musicians are very much alive and kicking !

The 20 artists in this compilation have been selected by eight Breton organisations actively engaged in the promotion of contemporary music in the region: AntipodeBars en TransBonjour MinuitLa CarèneL’ÉchonovaHydrophoneLa Nouvelle VagueLes Vieilles Charrues.

The selection favours strong characters and reckless energy. Just like Brittany. 

Committee members

  • Antipode : Gaétan NAËL
  • Bars en Trans : Marie MAILLARD
  • Bonjour Minuit : Hélène DUBOIS
  • La Carène : Yannick MARTIN
  • L’Echonova : Tom TOUTAIN
  • L’Hydrophone : Thierry HOUAL
  • Les Vieilles Charrues : Jean-Jacques TOUX
  • La Nouvelle vague : Jérôme CHEVALIER


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