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Le Comte

“Everything changes permantly. How boring if it wouldn’t. ” Klaus Schulze – Tangerine Dream

It is with these words in mind that Christophe Le Comte imagines his music. After playing the synths with Juveniles, it is only with the company of its different machines and other DIY modules that he signed his first compositions under his name.

Back to his first loves, he frees himself from pop and approaches without limitation of styles or length: an ambient tinged with electronica, a work already started with Monogram, one of his previous projects. In these long improvised beaches, creation is not a stage but the purpose. What comes out of it is songs in perpetual rewriting, recalling in many aspects the music by Alessandro Cortini (NIN) or Tangerine Dream. Le Compte offers a lively live show, constantly under construction, to be listened to as much as to be looked at.

Text by Jeanne Nicolle

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