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Columbine formed in 2014. It is a French rap collective mainly led by Lujipeka and Foda C from Rennes, in Brittany. After a first album, Clubbing for Columbine, released in 2016, the group released Enfants terribles in 2017 and Adieu bientôt in 2018. Adieu Bientôt is a mix of solo titles from Foda C, solos from Lujipeka or duets of Lujipeka-Foda C, other titles are made with Chaman (Teen Spirit, Brûler) or with Sully (Labo Photo). As different as it is complementary, Columbine has no limits. And if the evolution is sensitive, the musical core is intact : the compositions can be signed by Foda and Luji, or by the affiliated composers of the crew, already heard on Enfants Terribles : Skuna, Kiyane, Saavane, KCIV (their DJ), as much as beats gleaned from the Internet and then reworked. The musical palette is intensified by Seezy, producer of Vald, of Junior Alaprod (Shay, MHD, Siboy …) or Ponko (Damso, SCH); until their compatriot Rennais Etienne Daho, whose piece Les flocons de l’été is used as the basis for Lujipeka’s Puzzle.

Adieu Bientôt
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